Why do we have two names? 
You see, a long time ago . . .


The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) grew out of two movements seeking Christian unity that sprang up almost simultaneously - movements that were backlashes against the rigid denominationalism of the early 1800s.


One movement, started by Thomas and Alexander Campbell, rebelled against denominations who refused the Lord's supper to members of other denominations.  He instead declared that we are all disciples and should all be able to partake of the Lord's supper.  He names his movement "Disciples of Christ."

A second movement, started by Barton Stone, objected to the use of creeds as a test for fellowship within the church.  Disgusted that Christians were divided over what they believe about specific doctrines, he named his movement simply "Christian."


Due to the common interests and goals of these two movements, they merged in 1832.


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