What are you looking for?  You're not just searching the internet randomly.  You've come to the First Christian Church webpage for a reason.   If you are looking for something with a strong children's ministry, we do that.  If you are looking for a church that follows the message of Jesus to help the poor, stand up for the oppressed, and love one another, we do that too.  If you are looking to see if your personal beliefs fit into our creeds--good news, we don't require a 'faith test'.  We are about unity, not disunity. We look for what we all have in common instead of trying to seek out where we are different.  That is why we call ourselves the Christian Church. 


In your internet search, you have specifically come to my page.  What would you like to know? I have a graduate degree in New Testament and Historical Studies from Boston University.  I've also done work in ancient languages and Hebrew Bible at Southern Methodist University and am published in my field.  All of this to say that in all my studies and academic accomplishments, I have little to no training as a pastor.  I take that as a positive.  I reject any title that might make it appear that I am to be elevated higher than another person.  I am searching just as much as anyone else.  I invite you to come search with me.


Along with being the pastor of FCC, I also teach 8th grade and High School science at F.K. White and R.D. Molo middle schools.  My wife, Amy, and I have a new born, Raymond, and I have two boys from a previous marriage, Christopher and Charlie.  Want to know more?  Ask.


Vince Endris