Who we are


The Disciples of Christ is about unity and inclusion for all Christians.  Too often we fragment ourselves into denominations by creeds or practices. "No Creeds; Just Christ" means that no one should ever tell you what to believe.  We don't have a "faith test" in order to hold fellowship with us. We will all have different opinions and beliefs when it comes to God.  The First Christian Church looks at doctrinal and creedal differences as a strength. We realize that no two people believe the same.  God reaches all of us in different ways, at different times, and by different means.  We focus instead on that which we as Christians can all agree on: we live in a world full of suffering and injustice that needs redemption.  We practice unity and inclusion at the Lord’s Table for the sake of mission and for the sake of the world as the one family of God.
Therefore, more important than what we believe is what we do.  
Sounds pretty cool, huh?  Want more information on what the Disciples of Christ believe? Check out this link on the national website: